2022-23 Upcoming Events

Sept. 22, Thursday during school: Spring Trip Deposits Due in My School Bucks

Oct. 3, Monday at 3:30 p.m.: Senior Regional Orchestra Auditions at Justice High School (optional)

Oct. 18, Tuesday in school: MAD Music Day in the JMHS Auditorium (All orchestras)

Oct. 18, Tuesday at 7 p.m.: Fall Performing Arts Concert in the JMHS Auditorium (All orchestras)

Nov. 10-12, Thursday to Saturday, all day: Senior Regional Orchestra location TBD, for those selected

Nov. 15, Tuesday at 4 p.m.: District Orchestra Auditions at Franklin Middle School (optional)

Dec. 5, Monday at 7 p.m.: Pyramid Concert in the JMHS Auditorium (Chamber orchestra)

Dec. 7, Tuesday at 7 p.m.: Winter Concert in the JMHS Auditorium (All orchestras)

Dec. 9, Friday, afterschool: Decorating/setup for “The Snowman” (Volunteers)

Dec. 10, Saturday: Performance of “The Snowman” at JMHS (Chamber orchestra and volunteers)

Dec. 16, Friday at 9:00 a.m.: Assembly in the JMHS Auditorium (Chamber orchestra)

Jan. 13-14, Friday and Saturday, all day: District Orchestra at Langley High School, for those selected

Feb. 23, Thursday at 7:00 p.m.: Pre-Assessment Concert at JMHS Auditorium (all orchestras)

Feb. 25, Saturday, all day: All-State Auditions at James Madison University (Senior Regional Orchestra members)

Mar. 3-4, Friday and Saturday (each orchestra assigned a specific time): Orchestra State Assessment at South Lakes High School (all orchestras)

Mar. 15-19, Wednesday to Sunday: Spring Trip to Disney World (optional)

Apr. 27-29, Thursday to Saturday, all day: All-State Orchestra in Richmond, VA for those selected

May 23, Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.: Spring Orchestra Concert at JMHS Auditorium (all orchestras)

June (dates TBA): Baccalaureate, Convocation, Graduation, etc. TBA

Message from the Orchestra Boosters

Hello Wonderful Orchestra Parents,

Many of you had kids away this weekend enjoying the much-awaited spring trip! I am so thrilled they got to go somewhere this year after 2 years of missed opportunities.  I hope they had a fabulous time even in the chilly weather!

I’m writing to ask for your help to fully fund the orchestra boosters because we’ve only received about 50% of what has been contributed in past years. Two abnormal years due to COVID have depleted our reserves. The orchestra boosters club helps to provide support to the orchestra program throughout the year. Just some examples are:

·  New music for our orchestras, as pieces can be expensive to license and perform.

·  Additional guest instruction to help prepare for concerts and the assessments.

·  Uncovered expenses that allow students to participate in Senior Regional Orchestra and District Orchestra.

·  The Orchestra End-of-Year Awards Banquet.  This banquet is the perfect finish each year for our students and this year we will, once again, be able to celebrate together.

Ms. Eberly and the boosters greatly appreciate those who have been able to donate this year, however, anyone who hasn’t taken the opportunity to donate to the Orchestra Boosters Club will help restore our reserve.

Thoughtful contributions to the Orchestra Booster Club truly make a positive difference in the education and experience for each of our orchestra students. You can pay online via PayPal or Pay 4 School Stuff, or you can send a check to Mrs. Eberly. 

Thanks for your consideration,

Sonya Marsden